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IMPORTANT NEWS regarding the latest US immigration protocols

Ellis Island

Since 2010, in addition to many fine programs, the fledgling Brand USA (aka the Travel Promotion Act), “dedicated to increasing inbound international travel to the United States,” has spent untold millions of dollars making their immigration procedures quicker and simpler. While this effort should also ease things for US citizens…

Flight delayed over two hours after kid freaks over guy writing in Arabic


In case there was any question left about the absurd, damaging power of the media’s fear-mongering and brainwashing, please see exhibit #48,374,589: An EasyJet flight from Amsterdam to Newcastle was delayed two hours and 20 minutes after a kid on a class trip (reportedly 15-16 years old) saw another passenger…

Woman’s violent air horniness causes flight to make emergency landing [VIDEO]


Behold, the first woman in recorded history to force a commercial flight into an emergency landing due to her horniness. Last week, a Delta flight from Baltimore-Washington to Salt Lake City was diverted to Minneapolis-St Paul after a passenger devolved into angry, screaming, cavewoman, procreation mode mid-flight. After her seatmate…

Those who have dreamt of sleeping inside a giant anus should click this


I’ve written about 328,474 sleeping reviews in my years as a travel writer, but I must admit that I’m a bit stumped as to how I’d kick off a review about sleeping in a giant poop chute-shaped guesthouse. Probably some kind of reassurance about odor. The squeamish, vein-y triumph that…

Pilot delays international flight for two hours because sandwiches

Bahn mi, Hoi An

In his defense, sandwiches are delicious. Still, I suppose demanding sandwiches just before departure and delaying a flight for two and a half hours while waiting for them to be delivered may have been just a tad extravagant. Flight Captain Noushad on Pakistan International Airline’s Lahore-Manchester-New York flight allegedly took…

Luxury slum resort allows people to experience poor people culture, kinda


This, amazingly, is a real thing. Shanty Town at Emoya Luxury Hotel and Spa outside Bloemfontein, South Africa gives visitors the opportunity to fulfill their bucket list item of temporarily, safely living like a real life destitute person. For just $82 per night, you too can sleep in a real…

Silvio Berlusconi, asshat, says his kids feel like Jews under Hitler


Even after having spent so much time living and traveling in Italy, I’m still completely baffled as to why Silvio Berlusconi, ex-prime minister, media mogul and bunga bunga party master isn’t: A)    In jail. B)    In crazy jail. C)    In crazy jail on the Moon where there’s no chance of…

Tricking people into being drug mules is latest alarming travel scam

Packages containing methamphetamine are stacked in a warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. (AP Photo/Australian Federal Police, HO)

Well, this is simply diabolical. A fake Canadian-based company calling themselves AusCan Tours baited an older Australian couple with a fake online contest and a first prize of an all-expenses-paid week in Canada, including new luggage (foreshadowing!), all the while priming them to smuggle 3.5kg (8 pounds) of crystal meth,…

Video evidence that naked skiing is a horrible idea


[The above video is NSFW, of course] I originally clicked on this video for the same reason pretty much everyone else did: boobies! (Or what have you.) But then the video started and the cruel emotional whiplash began. Travelers are often guilty of behavior and risk-taking they probably wouldn’t try…

Marketing spam email fail incites slightly caustic blogger to fire off scathing rejoinder

I may or may not have snapped this morning after twice being the victim of an unnamed marketing firm’s arbitrary email spamming practices – once with the original spam, then again with a “follow-up” spam two days later inquiring if I still might be interested in the original spam, despite…

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