Watch the trailer for BACKPACKING WITH DRACULA!


I’ll just leave this here.

My first book, BACKPACKING WITH DRACULA, is on Amazon!

Backpacking with Dracula

It is with enormous satisfaction and pride that I announce the publication of my first solo, book-length project, Backpacking with Dracula. Honestly, so many nights and weekends have been dedicated to working on this project for the past year and a half, I guess the prevailing feeling I have right…

10 years of Killing Batteries


I swear this is the last blog anniversary/reminiscing post I write – unless this thing is still up and gasping along after 20 years, in which case I’ll do whatever I damn well please, so shut up. On February 17, this blog turned 10 years old. This makes me the…

Juggling wackiness – November 2015


IMPORTANT NEWS regarding the latest US immigration protocols

Ellis Island

Since 2010, in addition to many fine programs, the fledgling Brand USA (aka the Travel Promotion Act), “dedicated to increasing inbound international travel to the United States,” has spent untold millions of dollars making their immigration procedures quicker and simpler. While this effort should also ease things for US citizens…

The 10 best Lonely Planet articles of all time (that I wrote)


Why yes, this is a full-tilt, vanity listicle, shamelessly basking in personal achievement. You wanna make something of it? All right, then. I’ve already forgotten how this got started, but for some reason I was cataloging all the Lonely Planet articles I’d written from late-2010 to early-2015 and figured out…

Announcing my upcoming book: BACKPACKING WITH DRACULA


A travel book investigating Vlad “The Impaler” Dracula and the vampire monster he inspired   ~ Coming in 2016 ~   The undisputed A-lister among Transylvania’s cabaret of supernatural blood-drainers and face-eaters, Count Dracula is both a publicist’s dream and nightmare. Like Justin Bieber, despite unremitting horrifying behavior, the public…

How to set up a travel blog – a reading by Leif Pettersen


I had the pleasure of reading a piece at “Notes from the Road” on April 11th with a bunch of other great travel writers. Many of them read from award-winning material or excerpts from their books. I decided to balance the night out and read a goofball blog post, a…

Leif Pettersen juggles with Tom Weber at MPR


Last fall, MPR invited me to come in to shoot video with Tom Weber and talk about juggling. Yes, video. They were trying something new. Then nothing happened forever and I assumed the project was dead. Lo and behold, they posted the video a couple weeks ago! I’d just come…

European Games 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan what to do and see

Flame Towers at night

The inaugural European Games will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan June 12-28, 2015. The event is a high point in Azerbaijan’s campaign to raise their tourism profile in recent years, as well as the New York Times listing Baku among its “52 Places to Go in 2015” and Lonely Planet…

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