You’ll think twice about seaside dining after seeing this video


Ah! Seaside dining. So, novel, so romantic. Until the incalculable power of nature decides that breakfast is over and it’s been too long since your heart rate topped 120 beats per minute. The wackadoodle weather and storms plaguing California right now have included flash floods, a tornado warning, high tides…

Here’s what it’s like to be slapped in the head by a whale [VIDEO]


Suffice to say, this whale watching tour got a leeeeettle too close to its subject. What happens next is probably the most painful, greatest travel story this girl will ever have. While on tour with the Live Different Academy in the Baja Peninsula, Chelsea, for reasons that have not been…

New company aims to provide facilities for luxury pooping in NYC


NYC visitors! Once you’ve sorted out the shameful state of the airports (and airport-city transfers) and found a place to sleep that isn’t an outright violation of the Geneva Convention, you’ll probably want to spend a few minutes thinking about dignified colon voiding options. Well, help has arrived! Posh Stow…

Flight delayed over two hours after kid freaks over guy writing in Arabic


In case there was any question left about the absurd, damaging power of the media’s fear-mongering and brainwashing, please see exhibit #48,374,589: An EasyJet flight from Amsterdam to Newcastle was delayed two hours and 20 minutes after a kid on a class trip (reportedly 15-16 years old) saw another passenger…

Even hard landings are still pretty safe in modern planes [VIDEO]


For those of you who think you’re gonna die when a plane lands too hard, I’ve got good news. With modern materials and decades of engineering tweaking, even landings hard enough to reorganize your spinal column aren’t going to end in disaster. The video above is making the rounds today,…

Daredevils climb Shanghai Tower, second tallest building in the world [VIDEO]


Do not watch this if you’re even remotely afraid of heights. I am not kidding. I’m very afraid of heights, so I only watched parts of this on YouTube’s minimum screen size and even so I may have briefly lost urethra control. Shanghai Tower will be the second tallest building…

Woman’s violent air horniness causes flight to make emergency landing [VIDEO]


Behold, the first woman in recorded history to force a commercial flight into an emergency landing due to her horniness. Last week, a Delta flight from Baltimore-Washington to Salt Lake City was diverted to Minneapolis-St Paul after a passenger devolved into angry, screaming, cavewoman, procreation mode mid-flight. After her seatmate…

See the entire Pacific Crest Trail in seven minutes [VIDEO]


The Pacific Crest Trail is a stupefying 2,663 mile slog of punishing desert terrain, mountain climbs, rocky crags, vertigo-inducing ridges and unpredictable weather-related liveliness that makes the Appalachian Trail seem like a mellow stroll. The PC starts at the U.S. border with Mexico and finishes at Manning Park in British…

Those who have dreamt of sleeping inside a giant anus should click this


I’ve written about 328,474 sleeping reviews in my years as a travel writer, but I must admit that I’m a bit stumped as to how I’d kick off a review about sleeping in a giant poop chute-shaped guesthouse. Probably some kind of reassurance about odor. The squeamish, vein-y triumph that…

See San Francisco’s Market Street in 1906 four days before the earthquake [VIDEO]


Get a load of this old timey scene on San Francisco’s Market Street, shot on April 14, 1906, just four days before the earthquake and fire that destroyed about 80% of the city. One thing that immediately stands out is that car drivers at the time were straight up assholes….