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One Hundred Twenty Years of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Tweet The landmark novel, Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” has proven to be as immortal as its vampire antagonist. May 26, 2017 marks the 120th anniversary of the novel’s publication, during which time it’s never been out of print, sparking a wildly prolific, vampire-fixated century in literature, stage, cinema and television. Eventually….

Watch the trailer for BACKPACKING WITH DRACULA!

Tweet I’ll just leave this here. Share on Facebook

Announcing my upcoming book: BACKPACKING WITH DRACULA

Tweet A travel book investigating Vlad “The Impaler” Dracula and the vampire monster he inspired   ~ Coming in 2016 ~   The undisputed A-lister among Transylvania’s cabaret of supernatural blood-drainers and face-eaters, Count Dracula is both a publicist’s dream and nightmare. Like Justin Bieber, despite unremitting horrifying behavior, the…

Romania Traveler’s Guide app for iPhone and Android – The Enlargening

romania app screenshot

Tweet Remember last year when I went into utter seclusion for over a month, living on pizza and cheap wine, to painstakingly piece together my Romania Traveler’s Guide app (for iPhone, iPad and Android)? And remember how I said that it was the most thorough, human-researched Romania country guide in…

Download my Romania smartphone travel app for free!

Tweet [If you’re reading this, you have unfortunately missed the free iPhone/iPad download day. But the regular price of US$2.99 for a thorough Romania travel app, with GPS and pictures, is still a heck of a deal. It’s also available on Android. And of course, I would still like to…

Do not open till February 2011

Tweet Tim Cahill once said “In good travel writing, something on the trip always has to go wrong.” If this is true, then after my most recent Lonely Planet research trip in Romania and Moldova, I should have a book deal landing on my desk any second. At least I…

The 1989 Romanian Revolution

Tweet During my (fleeting) downtime in Timisoara, I went around the city making a spectacle of myself for the locals while shooting my (abridged) retelling of the events of the 1989 Revolution. Check it. Share on Facebook

An oasis of peace and quiet in Bucharest

Tweet Bucharest has precious few, outdoor, calm retreats from the frantic drivers and crowded sidewalks. Here’s one, with atmosphere to boot. Share on Facebook

Best restaurants in Romania

Tweet Here we are, the final post for Romania Month. I’m happy to close things out with a list that, not even six years ago, wouldn’t have been possible. A few standout places aside, when I first arrived in Romania in 2004, restaurants were pretty dreadful. Both food and service…

Sibiu, Romania – European Capital of Culture

Tweet I realize before I say this that a guidebook writer shouldn’t be so vocal about favoring one city above all others in his research area, but when it comes to Sibiu, I simply cannot control myself in the face of its all-encompassing awesomeness. So, here it is: Sibiu is…

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