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Vietnamese food that went into my face

My 12 regular readers will back me up when I say that I rarely write about food. It’s just not my thing. Restaurant reviews, yes, but an entire post devoted to the stuff I shoveled into my soup hole on a trip, no. And yet, I’m composing this offtype post…

The bravest traveler I ever met

Long term world travelers are not exceptionally brave. They don’t fight fires or deactivate bombs or take 78 hour bus rides from Spain to Romania in the punishing heat of June (the sane ones don’t at any rate). Yet, world travelers frequently hear reverential comments about their bravery from friends,…

Worst hostel in Europe

[Disclaimer: This might not be the worst hostel in Europe. I can’t be sure since I haven’t stayed at every hostel in Europe. But it was without question a strong contender when I stayed here in October 2003 and, as with any situation involving unusual discomfort and personal injustice, it…

Digiboo lets airport travelers buy or rent movies on flash drives

UPDATE: August 10, 2012 – Digiboo is introducing a wireless download feature from their kiosks, eliminating the need for the flash drive transfer. As of this writing, kiosks are in the Minneapolis/St Paul, Seattle and Portland airports. Recently, for maybe the third or fourth time since they cured polio, I…

Homesick Versus Privacysick

As a result of hundreds of tongue-in-cheek, boastful comments I’ve made over seven years of sharing my life online, my handlers are telling me that I’ve managed to convince many of you that I’m some kind of badass. Well, this is entirely true. I am a badass. Among the innumerable…

Do not open till February 2011

Tim Cahill once said “In good travel writing, something on the trip always has to go wrong.” If this is true, then after my most recent Lonely Planet research trip in Romania and Moldova, I should have a book deal landing on my desk any second. At least I hope…

The 1989 Romanian Revolution

During my (fleeting) downtime in Timisoara, I went around the city making a spectacle of myself for the locals while shooting my (abridged) retelling of the events of the 1989 Revolution. Check it.

An oasis of peace and quiet in Bucharest

Bucharest has precious few, outdoor, calm retreats from the frantic drivers and crowded sidewalks. Here’s one, with atmosphere to boot.

Soroca Fortress – Moldova

It wasn’t an easy drive, but me and a merry band of Moldovans road-tripped up to Soroca last week and I took some gripping video.

The Legend of Magnetic Hill – Orhei, Moldova

Using my faithful Dacia Logan, I test the magnetic properties of a notorious hill in central Moldova. There’s really not much more to add. You gotta see it to believe it. I heartily recommend World Nomads travel insurance

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