A reading from my book BACKPACKING WITH DRACULA

Backpacking with Dracula

Since its release in late-2016, it’s become a welcome tradition that I do an in-bookstore reading from Backpacking with Dracula each year around Halloween.

That’s not happening this year, due to the U.S. transforming into a belligerent, failed, plague state, so I decided to do a reading via my very new podcast, Leif Pettersen Makes A Podcast Podcast. I released three readings in total.

In which I read the full introduction of the book.

In which I read a scattering of excerpts that paint a picture of Prince Vlad Dracula.

In which I read the full, snarky summary of the novel Dracula.

If you’d like to buy the book (pretty please), you can order it from Amazon or you can support a couple independent bookstores here in the Twin Cities (they’ll ship nationwide): Subtext Books in St Paul, and Moon Palace Books in Minneapolis.