Pilot delays international flight for two hours because sandwiches

Bahn mi, Hoi An

In his defense, sandwiches are delicious.

Still, I suppose demanding sandwiches just before departure and delaying a flight for two and a half hours while waiting for them to be delivered may have been just a tad extravagant.

Flight Captain Noushad on Pakistan International Airline’s Lahore-Manchester-New York flight allegedly took one look at the in-flight menu, deemed it unsatisfactory and demanded that the catering service order him sandwiches from a 5-star hotel in the city. They must have been the world’s most elaborate sandwiches, because it took two hours for them to be made and delivered.

It’s worth mentioning that the menu for the long flight was admitted on the thin side, apparently offering only peanuts, chips and biscuits. My first thought was the pilot could have radioed ahead and had sandwiches waiting in Manchester, but then if everyone was as brilliant as I am these things wouldn’t happen and I’d have nothing to mock.

The sandwich pictured above is actually an amazing banh mi that I acquired in Hoi An, Vietnam and I honestly wouldn’t hesitate to wait two and a half hours and ride an angry donkey 20 miles to have another one.