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It turns out money is even more disgusting than we thought

Tweet Spoiler alert: your hand soap budget is about to increase by a factor of 20. A study done by the now chronic hand washers at the Cork Technology Institute on euro notes and coins found that 97% of the money they tested was covered in bacteria such as staphylococcus….

Proliferation of airline fees justified in sensible video (but they still suck)

Tweet The short answer is economics. Also, whatever your complaint, we still have it way better than travelers before the airlines were deregulated in the late 1970s. Before competition drove prices way down, tickets were batshit expensive. Also again, with the fees famously imposed by entities like Spirit Airlines, now…

US map labeled by clueless Australian is hilariously wrong, but accurate

Tweet Now this being the internet, there’s an even chance this “Australian who’s never been there and knows nothing about its geography” was cooked up by an impish person marinating through a boring day at work who happens to have a sharp sense of humor. This suspicion is intensified by…

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