Leif in the Minneapolis Skyway video

This video tour is actually old news, but I’m belatedly posting it here to alert certain key visitors that 1) I’m now apparently widely considered to be a Minneapolis skyway expert and 2) I don’t look half bad on camera.

It was produced a year ago as a promo piece for Architecture Minnesota magazine’s Videotect competition “Exploring the Built Environment”, the subject being the skyways of Minneapolis and St Paul (and Rochester). They’d gotten wind that my (totally healthy and normal) fixation had singled me out as a Minneapolis skyway expert which, unsurprisingly, peaks in the winter months. Take last winter, for example, when I voluntarily confined myself to the Minneapolis Skyway System for two weeks as a livability test and to explore my skyway-as-neighborhood theory for an article.

Seeking a Minneapolis skyway expert, Architecture Minnesota asked to follow me around one afternoon with a Flip camera and an iPhone pointed at me and considering that there was no script and no plan whatsoever, it turned out really well. Check it out.

Videotect: Leif in the Skyway from Architecture Minnesota on Vimeo.

This video has unleashed a small flood of skyway-related emails and requests. I’ve now written four or five articles about the skyway, been featured in two videos and even written copy for a skyway guide for the Meet Minneapolis website. So, I guess I can confidently declare that having a weird, narrow focus of interest in one’s city isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Ha.

I also happen to be on the Minneapolis Skyway Advisory Committee, a body that advises (but doesn’t set rules) entities who wish to add, alter or use the skyways in some manner. Suffice to say, anyone wanting Minneapolis Skyway expert quotes, information, the grand tour, or (unofficial) advice on skyway-related activities, events or rules should feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to indulge.