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Purple Rain Minneapolis Tour – Film locations you can visit

Prince Star First Avenue Purple Rain

Thirty-seven years ago today (July 27th, 1984), Purple Rain hit movie theaters. What soon followed was an almost instant super-charging of an era now known as the “Minneapolis Sound.” Prince’s statement-making project simultaneously topped the respective charts for films, albums and singles (with “When Doves Cry”), a feat only achieved…

Leif in the Minneapolis Skyway video

Minneapolis skyway expert Leif Pettersen

This video tour is actually old news, but I’m belatedly posting it here to alert certain key visitors that 1) I’m now apparently widely considered to be a Minneapolis skyway expert and 2) I don’t look half bad on camera. It was produced a year ago as a promo piece…

The Minneapolis Skyway: A Love Story

Anyone who’s every spoken to me for more than seven minutes knows that I reap the same warm, comforting feelings from the Minneapolis Skyway system as most people would experience on a quiet, tropical beach. Moving into a Skyway-connected building instantly transformed my outlook on Minnesota winters – in that…

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