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Juggling wackiness – November 2015


How to set up a travel blog – a reading by Leif Pettersen


I had the pleasure of reading a piece at “Notes from the Road” on April 11th with a bunch of other great travel writers. Many of them read from award-winning material or excerpts from their books. I decided to balance the night out and read a goofball blog post, a…

Leif Pettersen juggles with Tom Weber at MPR


Last fall, MPR invited me to come in to shoot video with Tom Weber and talk about juggling. Yes, video. They were trying something new. Then nothing happened forever and I assumed the project was dead. Lo and behold, they posted the video a couple weeks ago! I’d just come…

Duck and Cover juggling gym highlight video, fall 2014


Since competing in the International Jugglers’ Association team championships in July, my teammate Steve and I, released from drilling the same 21 tricks ad nauseam, have had the luxury of indulging in some fun/stupid tricks during our practices. I’ve pieced some (mostly) recent video together into a Duck and Cover…

The world juggling championships: how I became a competitive athlete at age 44

Leif Pettersen (right) wearing his silver medal from the International Jugglers' Association 2014 championships

I already know what you’re thinking, so let’s address the question right out of the gate: is juggling a sport? There are wide ranging opinions on the subject, from snot-shooting, helpless laughs to those who argue that juggling is in fact an art form. I fall on the sport side…

This is what I look like when I juggle Part 2


Back in July, my juggling teammate Steve Birmingham and I paid real money to a disappointing video guy to record us doing some of our better tricks. Due to disastrous framing instincts and an apparent spasm in his focus hand, much of the raw material this guy shot that wasn’t…

This is what I look like when I juggle


Some of you may not know that I have been juggling since I was 12 years old. Still more of you may not know that next summer I will be competing in the International Jugglers’ Association world team championships at the tender age of 44 (roughly twice the age of…

Leif in the Minneapolis Skyway video


This video is actually old news, but I’m belatedly posting it here to alert certain key visitors that I don’t look half bad on camera. It was produced a year ago as a promo piece for Architecture Minnesota magazine’s Videotect competition “Exploring the Built Environment”, the subject being the skyways…

Juggling festival video


Did you know that I juggle? Yep. Since I was 12 years old. Related, I did not first kiss a girl until much later than the average guy. Last week I went to the International Jugglers’ Association annual festival for the first time in a decade. While I was there…

The most important travel safety video you’ll ever watch


Pretty self-explanatory. If you can’t see the video or if YouTube is blocking it in your country, try here.

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