Travvies nomination time

2008-travvies-160square.jpgDue to my grueling schedule of world class scuba diving and seven course meals here in Micronesia, I’ve only just learned that nominations for the annual Travvies blog awards opened last week! There’s only one more week to nominate me! Run, run!!!

For the second year in a row, the Travvies are being run by Upgrade: Travel Better, which is good news, because that means he can’t be nominated and boy do I hate competition.

If there’s any doubt about how to nominate me as much as possible, please read the rules. Otherwise, please feel free to stuff the ballot box for me in the following two categories:

Best Travel Blog
Best Single-Author Travel Blog

Now I lavishly whored myself out last year for the Travvies and I was handily defeated by some yahoo calling himself ‘The Cranky Flier’. My loathing for him would be all consuming if he didn’t turn out to be a really nice guy. God, I hate nice guys. So difficult to loathe…

So seeing as how Cranky is already dominating the nominations, and he’s still flush with pride from having been recently named as one of the ’50 most powerful blogs in the universe’ or some such ego-trip, I think it’s time to take this guy down a few pegs. In the nicest possible way. Love you, Brett! You jackhole.

So please take 30 seconds out of your busy blog reading schedule to nominate me for both the Best Travel Blog and the Best Single-Author Travel Blog categories. In fact, I’ll make it easier for you and not run this post over 1000 words like usual, so you’ll have several spare minutes to nominate me and any other blogs you see fit while you’re at it. Except that Cranky guy.

Oh, he’s a little cranky, is he? Buddy, I’m full-on pissed off! Put that in your carryon bag and stow it!!

Sadly, this is only the beginning. After the nomination phase, there’s final voting phase, so I’m afraid I’ll be bugging you about this again soon. Think of it this way, the sooner you nominate me, the longer it’ll be before you have to go back and vote for me. See how easy I’m making it for you? One might even say I’m saint-like if one didn’t already know that I’m on the Vatican’s blacklist. Popes are so sensitive sometimes.