Hail the size of ‘cricket balls’ is the latest way to die in Australia [VIDEO]

My constant teasing aside, I love Australia. My travels there were endlessly fulfilling. But consarn it, they just make it so easy to zing them what with all the weirdness, hilarity and the 7,927 uniquely terrifying ways to die. On that note, add apocalyptic hail to that list.

This video was taken in the typically hilariously named Maroochydore (see what I mean?), located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Even from the 10th floor, you can see these death balls making huge splashes as they impact with the water. Those cars in the video are almost certainly totaled. Anyone out in the open probably ended up in the hospital or at least needs to see a dentist.

Thank you Australia. Never change. Except for the current exchange rate. Please change that pronto.