Sicily forecast: Sunny with a light hail of pebbles and rocks [VIDEO]

If you’re considering a trip to northeast Sicily, it might be a good idea to postpone it for a few months. Either that or bring a motorcycle helmet.

Judging by this sequence of shots, the area is experiencing a fairly steady shower and accumulation of lava ash, pebbles and rocks. Which is not to say it’s a full-blown catastrophe. Indeed, we see a lot of rather blas√© people going about their day: running errands, drinking coffee and, every once in a while, futilely sweeping the ash from their front stoops.

A decent umbrella seems to provide sufficient protection, but you should probably get a lid with your espresso just for luck.

Suffice to say if the same thing happened in Los Angeles, where a light rain recently cause traffic gridlock, this video would have been far more hilarious.