Daredevils climb Shanghai Tower, second tallest building in the world

Shanghai Tower, even unfinished, is very, very tall. Do not watch this if you’re even remotely afraid of heights. I am not kidding. I’m very afraid of heights, so I only watched parts of this on YouTube’s minimum screen size and even so I may have briefly lost urethra control.


Everyone ready now? OK…

Shanghai Tower will be the second tallest building in the world – when it’s completed. At the moment, though it’s a construction site, it appears as if it’s already reached its final height. So, naturally some galloping, nutjob daredevils from Russia (where generations of carefully bred lunacy combined with flimsy security have made these stunts a growing trend), saw an opportunity to scale the thing while security was relatively low.

And it wasn’t enough to just climb Shanghai Tower. They had to do things like sit on ledges and dangle from one hand and other stuff that made me briefly see spots. Full disclosure, it was about this time that I stopped watching the video. If they did even crazier stuff, or died, I’m none the wiser and don’t want to be.

Enjoy – or don’t, if you drank a lot of water or juice or coffee earlier. Even so, you might want to watch this on the toilet, for good luck.

With all that said, I think there’s a big opportunity here for someone to curate news and media of all the people who get hurt or die from these stunts, to discourage even dumber idiots from doing even dumber things. Think of it as a public service – a very grim, ghoulish public service. Something parents can readily refer to when they find out little Timmy was crawling under a train bridge, crossing a shallow river, with a GoPro in one hand an energy drink in the other.