If you hate me and orphans, don’t read this

I’m shameless about a lot of stuff, but there are only three things that I’m so shameless about that if it weren’t me doing whatever it was, I’d pants me just to teach me a lesson. Those three things are:

– Self-promotion

– Abusing any opportunity for free booze

– Alerting the world when it’s my birthday

Funny I should mention that, because today is my birthday. And if I weren’t already wretchedly hungover from the free booze from last night, I’d be out tracking down some free booze right now. As it is, I’m working and admiring how effing good I look for a 37 year old guy who gets negligible exercise and hasn’t seen the inside of a dentist’s office for over four years.

Speaking of free booze… If an open bar and saving orphans are things that you can get excited about, then here’s your chance to indulge in both simultaneously. Next Generation Nepal a charity aimed at rescuing displaced Nepalese children run by my hilarious travel blogging accomplice Conor Grennan, is having a fundraising drunken melee in New York City on June 21st. Admission is $50 per drunkard, after that it’s on brother. Open bar, conga lines, naked break dancing, you name it.

Actually, open bar notwithstanding, there’s some serious fundraising to be done. Remember, the drunker you get the more you’re likely to rashly bid when they auction off the rights to pick me up at JFK and drive me across Brooklyn when I swing through town later this summer. Yes, it’s true, I won’t be at the party, but I’ll be doing my part to help. I got me a whole bottle of vodka here, so at least I can be embarrassingly drunk at the party in spirit.

If time, space and the elements is keeping you from attending the party as well, there’s always the donation button at the bottom of the NGN main page. If you’re as bummed about missing the party as I am, donate $42 on the web site and then buy yourself a bottle of wine with the other $8. Everyone wins.

And if you aren’t reading it already, Conor’s blog is pretty funny, even when he’s reuniting displaced children with their parents and fall-down tired because an insomniac neighborhood monkey is having a love affair with his doorbell.