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Don’t look mom: Countries where you’re most likely to be kidnapped

Tweet Someone, probably an vengeful orphan, decided to ruin it for the rest of us and break down the popular travel countries where people are most likely to be kidnapped. Thanks a lot asswipe! Why the hell would you put something like this out there for anyone’s mom to easily…

Watch 873 people evacuate an Airbus A380 in 77 seconds

Tweet I can’t decide if this is amazing or terrifying. Either way, it’s good to know it’s physically possible. The US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency require all aircraft with a seating capacity of 45 or more to demonstrate a full evacuation in under 90 seconds….

Travel safety: What happens when you get dehydrated? It ain’t pretty

Tweet Travelers in certain parts of the world are usually well aware of the importance of staying hydrated. But sometimes dehydration sneaks up on you. Once, while on a punishing guidebook research trip to Moldova during a heat wave, even though I was drinking tons of water, my sodium levels…

Walking a certain way could decrease your chances of being mugged

Tweet In short, walk with purpose. Or walk angry. Fine, use whatever emotion you want, just don’t look awkward or clumsy (i.e. drunk). Take the picture above for example. Just look at that guy! That handsome, sturdy, angry guy. He’s walking fast, he’s clearly in a bad mood and, judging…

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