The Best of Killing Batteries

Some of you may have noticed that yet another window has appeared in the left margin over the past week. The addition of the “Best of KB” window has made the margin well over two feet long now, but I believe it’s necessary for the benefit of the tens of thousands of new readers I’m expecting to get from the Travvies election process.

I’ve been meaning to do a best of thingie for a while. It’s simple bloginomics: What are the two things you want to see right away when you visit a new blog? What the blog is about and some of the blog’s top-shelf material, right? This is the internet after all, we want this information in the first 10 seconds, with about another 10 seconds to sort out whether or not we’re gonna like the blog. As such, so my legions of new fans can be instantly immersed in full-blown entertainment rather than sifting through two years of babbling, 2,000-word posts about the never-ending series of personal injustices I endure for my art, I’ve saintfully created said Best of KB window.

No doubt you’ve noticed that the list is pretty short. This is not because after two years of almost-award-winning blogging about travel and travel writing that I’m only proud of a few posts. The problem is that there are so damn many posts to sort through. I probably love to read my blog more than anyone on Earth, but even I can’t be bothered to spend more than 20 minutes or so clicking through the archives, looking for my best stuff before work/wine/women/swelled bladder lure me away. I mean, in the past two weeks alone, I’ve toured two jungle islands in Micronesia, traveled half way around the planet, consumed about 13 bottles of wine, closed on my bitchin’ new condo, moved into my bitchin’ new condo and I’m still assembling bitchin’ new IKEA furniture for my bitchin’ new condo (I’ve got Screwdriver Hand like you don’t even wanna know – my intern has to brush my teeth for me).

In short, I’m distracted. But I don’t want potential new groupies to suffer because of this, so now I need a little help from you, my tens of regular monthly readers.

Apart from my limited reading/typing time, I’ve learned repeatedly that what I consider to be my favorite blog posts are not usually the favorite blog posts of people that are not me. Since the not-mes are in the majority in this case, I’ll acquiesce. So, I’m asking those who feel they’re qualified to suggest a post or two that you found particularly hilarious. Again, no need to root through the archives, but if one should just pop into your head, please leave a comment. If you don’t remember the title, just describe it a little. Maybe quote the part that brought coffee forth through your nose and short-circuited yet another keyboard. I’ll figure it out from there.

For those that are too new to have a favorite or are just discovering this blog for whatever irresponsible reason, you can get started with the posts to the left and hopefully my countless lurkers will be kind enough to drop a comment, if only to let us know they’re out there and read past the second paragraph on occasion.