Self-service airport security: bad idea or guaranteed clusterf*ck?

Hands up if, while running late for a flight, you’ve ever nearly stroked out watching a confused or inexperienced traveler dither at airport security, even as three TSA agents gently try to move them through the process.

Now, hands up if you still routinely witness people being befuddled by an ATM, technology that’s been commonly used for, oh, 150 years?

Well, great news! An outfit called Qylur Security Systems wants to put those zany x-factors together (at last!) in airports, tourist sites and sports arenas.

The idea is that the system will make life easier for the venues: less manpower (i.e. cheaper), more effective, less intrusive, etc. And yes, the video makes it look simple enough, but anyone that regularly passes through airports, and knows how people lose about 256 IQ points the instant they step through the sliding doors, can already foresee the potential for bottlenecking and general chaos.

Also, they think they can squeeze some advertising into the mix on the device’s 10 screens! I don’t know, is it possible that security efficiency can reach streamlined perfection with extraneous loud, flashy distractions? Probably merits more independent testing (sponsored by Hyundai).


My snark notwithstanding, do you think self-service airport security could possibly improve the process? Please leave a comment.