Guy makes grenade out of items acquired AFTER airport security [VIDEO]

Evan Booth has an unusual and controversial hobby. In early 2013, the independent security researcher decided to see what lethal weapons he could construct with common materials acquired in airports after going through the security screening process. Namely, items sold in gift shops, restaurants, magazine stands and duty-free shops. He then makes videos demonstrating how to build these items and posts them on his site Terminal Cornucopia. He also reports his findings to the Department of Homeland Security.

In this video Booth demonstrates how to make a frag grenade (aka “FRAGGuccino”) using a stainless steel coffee mug, an AA battery, Axe Body Spray, a condom, water, a magazine (optional) and dental floss (also optional). Even with a goof up that cost him a minute, he was able to build his frag grenade in only seven minutes, forty-five seconds.

Other weapons he’s assembled with post-security items include “Chucks of Liberty” (spike-tipped nunchucks), “Planned Parenthood” (sling bow) and “Blunderbusiness Class” (a reloadable, break-action shotgun).

The issue under debate: is Booth a public menace for showing potential idiots and evil-doers how to build these things or is he helping to improve airport safety awareness?

Evan Has since improved upon his original design. Check it out: