Sometimes when you screw with a scary bug, they screw back

There’s no such thing as too many travel tips. This one, for example: Don’t mess with a scary bug, particularly when they’re found in exotic places like the scary bug carnival that is Australia or, in this case, India.

scary bug

Some exchange students found this scary bug outside their classroom, decided to bring it inside, detain it and, well, tease it.

As it happens, this is simply a common water bug, found all over there world. They’re not poisonous, but their bite is said to be one of the most painful inflicted by any insect. Even if it wasn’t painful, there’s no way I’m getting anywhere near those pinchers. They look like they could sever a finger.

“The security guard told me that it doesn’t fly,” says the YouTube description. Add that sentence to your list of famous last words. Also, apparently it needs to be said, never take entomology advice from a security guard.

I’ve gone ahead and translated the video poster’s internal monologue below.

“Look at that bug! Haha! Stupid bug! You belong to us now! We’re going to screw with you because we are the superior species. Resistance is futile! Escape, impossible! I wonder if AAAAAAIIIIIGG!!”