This Is Why I Love Minneapolis (And Sometimes Saint Paul)

I apologize for not posting anything substantial this week. This MSN gig is wailing on my ass so hard that I’d have nothing left if my ass weren’t already so perfectly firm, devilishly curved and indestructible.

I have some serious doo-doo in store for you next week that should both entertain and bring on the hail of hate mail that never arrived from my ‘A Keyhole into Burma’ series.

In the meantime, a bit (more) of shameless self-promotion…

If you’re in Minneapolis, or thinking of going to Minneapolis or wondering why in Buddha’s name that I chose to spend the winter in Minneapolis over, say, the south of France, all will be answered at my new blog: This Is Why I Love Minneapolis (And Sometimes Saint Paul).

It’s partly me fawning over my awesome home town and partly me trying to get famous enough locally so that hosts at hard-to-get-into restaurants will grovel, snap their fingers and have minions haul out a table especially for me, placed right next to the stage and the lounge singer will dedicate a song to me and the mayor will have a bottle of Dom Pérignon sent over to the table and Natalie Portman will swoon at my captivating omnipotence. Ideally.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend!