European word translator rendered in map form is literally minutes of fun

Have you ever had the sudden need to know how to say “barf” in 17 languages RIGHT NOW? (I know I have.) What you need, my friend, is a word translator that renders the results in a handy map!

Word translator map fartI’m sure some bright and creative individual will find a productive use for this European Word Translator, which renders translations of one- and two-word phrases onto a map, that isn’t limited to speed-learning a bunch of naughty words.

But for the rest of us, it’s a few minutes of jolly good, juvenile fun.

To wit:

Word translator map boobsWord translator map boogerWord translator map butt

The applications of this translator are limitless. Mono-lingual tour guides, the United Nations and untold thousands of teenage boys, who need a quick insult to hurl at their opponents in Fortnite.

The project was inspired by the etymology maps subreddit. Is there nothing Reddit can’t do?