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Worst travel writing jobs 004: “Write 3000 unique articles”

Welcome to the fourth installment of the “Worst travel writing jobs” series. This doozy is so doozicable that I could write 500 words on the absurdity of the title alone, but it gets better. Write 3000 unique articles on Travel, Entertainment, Beauty and Shopping topics Only 3000? Because I was…

Worst travel writing jobs 003: “Single Female Executive Assistant”

Welcome to the third installment of the “worst travel writing jobs” series. This is not a travel writing job, but it popped up on my travel writing job search the other day and it was so breathtakingly shameful that I couldn’t resist mocking it. Single Female Executive Assistant Off to…

Worst travel writing jobs 002: “English language writers”

Welcome to the second installment of my new series “worst travel writing jobs,” where I basically write a bunch of droll, cheap-shot comments in response to terrible travel writer job postings, which, incidentally, is super easy and takes only a fraction of the time of writing a proper blog post!…

Worst travel writing jobs 001: “esteemed travel magazine”

As part of this blog’s ongoing deliciously directionless theme, I have decided to start a new series called “Worst travel writing jobs.” Also, “Deliciously Directionless” would be an outstanding foodie travel blog name. You’re welcome. This series stems from my ongoing job hunt. As many of you know, I have…

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