Awards season

It’s awards season again.  And this time I’m actually a finalist for one.   The 2007 Travvies are run by Upgrade: Travel Better and an as yet unrevealed series of events has landed me in the category of Best Single-Author Travel Blog.

Regular readers know that I’m not opposed to popularity contests, especially if it means that I become even more popular, which as far as I’m concerned is the ultimate revenge on everyone that went to my junior high.  So please, please, please, please, pretty please with wine on top, go vote.  Preferably for me.

Oh, and there’s some very interesting reading among the other finalists, but you can look into that after you vote for me or next month or whenever is convenient.

In closing, please vote.

For me.

Ideally right now.


I just tested it.  It takes exactly three seconds to vote for me.  If you decide to investigate and vote for other finalists, well you’re doing that on your own time, buddy.

 UPDATE:  Voting is over and I didn’t win.  You’d know if I won, because there’d be pictures of me dancing naked on the streets of Oristano floating around the AP Wire.  I suppose I should have made that clear during voting to get the edge.  Some guy calling himself the “Cranky Flier” stole my thunder.  Cranky my ass.  I got your cranky right here, jackhole.  Seriously, it’s a good blog (so I hear, I’m still too consumed with work to give it a proper read) and I congratulate him, even if I’m funnier, better looking and more likely to dance nekkid in public than he is (according to my agent).