New meaning for ‘low season’: Winnipeg was colder than Mars this week

That’s right, Winnipeg, a lovely place for much of the year, occasionally gets more inhospitable than a planet 78 million miles farther from the Sun (on average).

This week temperatures dropped to -31 C (-24 F), with a windchill of roughly -40 to -50 C (-40 to -58 F). The temperature on Mars during the same period was a mere -29 C.

And, as “Peggers” are wont to do in such situations, they went about their business without batting an eye. (Because they were frozen shut like car doors.)

Suffice to say that NASA officials in charge of selecting the crew for the first colony on Mars have refocused their attention on the hearty people of Winnipeg. When the heating unit breaks on NASA’s Mars station, will they want some pansy Floridian or Californian engineer to zip themselves into a million dollar suit to go outside to fix it or a Pegger who just needs a parka, some good choppers and any old wrench?