Everything you need to know about Coin Hunt World referral codes

If you just came here to get a Coin Hunt World referral code so you can start playing ASAP, then here you go.

What is a Coin Hunt World referral code?

New players will want to get themselves a referral code, like first thing, before you do anything else.

By using a referral code you get two “mystery boxes” of loot after you establish your headquarters.

If you’ve already established your headquarters and haven’t used a referral code yet, I’m afraid you’ve missed your chance. And if you have no idea what a headquarters is, then you’re probably still eligible. :)

Why use a referral code?

By using a referral code, you’ll get two mystery boxes after you establish your headquarters. The mystery boxes contain leader board points and keys, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Why share your Coin Hunt World referral code with other people?

When someone uses your referral code, you get even more loot. Lots more loot! As the person you referred accomplishes various in-game tasks, you get a kickback. These tasks include establishing a headquarters, solving their first photo quest, solving their first green vault and every other color of vault.

Suffice to say, if you have a friend that’s already playing Coin Hunt World, you’ll want to use their referral code – unless they’ve wronged you in some way, in which case you can burn them by using my referral code. :)

How a referral code works

Android users have it much easier at the moment.

  1. Have your friend install Coin Hunt World through the Google Play Store. If they haven’t installed it yet, your referral code link will automatically take them to the Google Play Store.
  2. If Coin Hunt World is already installed no their phone, have your friend click your referral link, and I cannot stress this enough, before they build their headquarters.

How do you know if your Coin Hunt World referral code link worked?

  • If your link launches the game in their phone, it worked.
  • If your link takes them to the Google Play Store even after they’ve installed the game, tell them to restart their phone, then click the link again. They may have to select the “open with” option, in which case they should “open with” the Coin Hunt World app.

NOTE: Coin Hunt World on iOS is currently in beta and the limited downloads have all been used up. If you’re on iOS and want to play Coin Hunt World, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a bit.

Once that’s done, your friend will need to create an account, earn their first green key, then use the green key to build their headquarters and, poof!, you both get mystery boxes!

How to find your Coin Hunt World referral code to send to other new players

You can find your referral code link by clicking on the cubie icon in the bottom left part of your screen, then select Friends, then Invite New Players and then you will be given several options for how to send the code; SMS, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email and so forth.

Coin Hunt World referral code

FYI This is a cubie

Having trouble? Leave a comment below and I’ll try to help.

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