People keep sending me this Vlad The Impaler comic strip

A few years ago, someone saw this Vlad The Impaler comic strip, thought of me immediately, and sent it to me. This has occurred several times a year ever since, most recently just a couple weeks ago. So, I have finally decided to share it with you.

Vlad The Impaler comic strip by Jake Likes Onions

Those of you who are visiting this blog for the first time may be wondering why so many people are sending me this comic. Well, if you’ll glance to the right, you’ll see that I wrote a book that’s largely about Vlad The Impaler (but also about the vampire Count Dracula and my time living and traveling in pre-European Union Romania).

It’s a fun historical deep dive (four words that have never been arranged in this manner in the English language until just now) about Vlad The Impaler, A.K.A. Vlad Dracula III, 15th-century Prince of Wallachia, and how he was so notoriously violent and cruel that Bram Stoker reinvented him as an undead monster more than four centuries after his death.

I don’t mind that people keep sending (and keep sending, and keep sending) this comic to me, because it means I’ve been at least partially successful at branding myself as “the Dracula guy,” which is exactly what one wants to happen when they’ve exhaustively researched and written a book on a popular, evergreen topic like Dracula – both real life and fictional.

I mean have you ever met someone who hated Dracula? I’m guessing not. Hell, the real Dracula is still considered a hero in Romania today after managing to accomplish the almost unbelievable feat of driving off, at least for a while, the overwhelming forces of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century.

The comic was created by Jake Likes Onions over on Tumblr, who seems to have eclectic tastes in humor. Some of his strips are funny, some have social commentary. and some are just weird. So, your garden variety artist. Check him out and give him some love.