Sights in the Romanian countryside at 90 KPH

Give a Man a  Bucket…
Buckets are a big accessory in rural Romania.  Everyone carries one; children, men, grannies, like a countryside handbag. I would assume they are for hauling water from the well if they weren’t usually empty, so I’m not entirely sure why they’re such an ubiquitous item.

Out of Dodge
There seems to be a mass exodus happening in small Romanian towns.  People on the street are either 12 years old and younger or 50 and older.  Everyone with even a shred of free will seems to have skipped town for the trappings and money of the big city.

New Road Hierarchy
I need to adjust my former road hierarchy. In descending order of priority it is:

  • The most expensive car
  • Maxi-taxis (like mini-buses)
  • Every car not made in Romania
  • Potholes
  • Livestock
  • Staggering drunks
  • Trucks and regular buses
  • Road kill
  • Horse-drawn carts
  • Bikes
  • People
  • Romanian-made cars 

How to Make Friends
A stalled car draws a bigger and faster crowd in Romania than a talking monkey playing the obo.  Everyone has to have a look and give their opinion.  Guys on the street, old ladies, even bored countryside police stop to give it their best.  I loved this.  Particularly because if you were stalled by the side of the road in America you couldn’t get someone to stop and help unless you threw yourself in the path of their car (or maybe flash some boobie).