New company aims to provide facilities for luxury pooping in NYC

NYC visitors! Once you’ve sorted out the shameful state of the airports (and airport-city transfers) and found a place to sleep that isn’t an outright violation of the Geneva Convention, you’ll probably want to spend a few minutes thinking about dignified colon voiding options. Well, help has arrived!

Posh Stow and Go will open their first 5-star poop facility in Midtown Manhattan in June, with plans to open more depositories across the city. Private bathrooms will offer amenities like auto-flush toilets, bidets, soundproofing and even showers for when that first dirty water hotdog has completed its explosive journey.

The price for sumptuousness pooping ain’t cheap. There’s a $15 annual fee up front, then you must select the poop package that’s right for you, such as the 3-day offer at $24 per day or the 10-day bulk discount for $60. Bottom line, you’re out $39 before the first splash, so make it count.

Posh Stow and Go will also temporarily store your belongings for you and/or provide lockers if it’s gonna be one of those times Mother Nature calls long distance.

Check out the dentist office style sample floor plan below.