French café imposes wanker tax to curb customer rudeness


The legendary rudeness of French people is unquestionably overblown. That said, members of Assholes Without Borders can certainly be found in France, just like almost everywhere else, and they need to be stopped.

Fabrice Pepino, owner of the Petite Syrah Café in Nice, apparently grew tired of being barked at by this caliber of customers and decided to mount a small, genius price gouging campaign against rudeness.

Per the chalk board price list, if a customer thought that were having a bad day before, curtly ordering “a coffee” will cost them a blood pressure spiking €7. Simply adding the word “please” knocks the price down to €4.25. But the truly polite who say “Hello, a coffee please,” pay a mere €1.40.

The idea, which actually started as a joke, has earned widespread attention and praise. One can only hope that the concept will snowball to the point where people that stop and block the way at the tops of escalators deservedly earn $50 fines and a nose-flicking.



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