Is time travel possible? Yes, as long as you don’t plan to go far

is time travel possible

First of all, I already invented time travel back in 1991. You buy a jug of Gordon’s Vodka, a gallon of orange juice, mix it, “prime” yourself with this time travel potion (one cup every 20 minutes is optimal – no ice), strap yourself into something and in the blink of an eye you’ve traveled 12 hours into the future! Ta da! Side effects include temporary memory loss that you probably didn’t need anyway.

My ground breaking discovery is ignored in this video, which instead explains how time travel is actually pretty easy, assuming you don’t want to travel any more than a few quadrillionths of a second.

Alas, it gets a leeeettle bit complicated if you want to cover serious time distance. First and foremost, you need to figure out how to create negative energy, which has never been done and no one seems to have the fainest idea how to even get strated, but hey, don’t let that stop you. If you don’t work on inventing the theoretical/impossible things, who will? You’re a hero.

Once you’ve worked all that out, your life will probably be a little hectic for a while science and corporations figure out how to use it and you’ll likely become unfathomably rich as a result. But after that, please promptly attend to the following:

1. Kill Hitler
2. Ensure that the actual winner of the 2000 US election becomes president
3. Stop Natalie Portman from getting married.

Roughly in that order.

If you had the choice, where would you time travel to?