25 years of club passing juggling skills in one video

Leif Pettersen and Steve Birmingham, club passing juggling

I know, I know. We’re only two weeks into this blog’s 17th theme pivot, this time back to travel stuff (and no BS) and club passing juggling is waaaay off topic. It’s my blog. I’ll do what I want.

But if you’ve been around here before, you know that juggling is in fact super on topic for me, club passing juggling in particular. I’ve been a juggler, of varying degrees of dedication, for almost 40 years. It’s as much a part of my identity as writing, bad timing and not vomiting combined.

If curiosity about juggling or “club passing juggling” search results brought you here, perhaps you’d like to read my memoir-driven deep dive into the world of elite juggling, Throwing Up: Notes from 35 Years of Juggling.

For 25 of those 40 years of juggling, I’ve been club passing (AKA “pins” if you’re a juggling noob) with the same guy, Steve. Together we go by the name “Duck and Cover.” Fun fact, we adopted that name in 1996, while driving 90 MPH across South Dakota on a 95-degree July day in a Ford Tempo with no air conditioning on our way to the International Jugglers’ Association annual festival in Rapid City.

We came this close to calling ourselves “LSD” (Leif and Steve something-with-a-D), but someone else in the car thankfully talked us out of it.

This quarter-century milestone naturally required some kind of acknowledgment. So, I spent about 1,000 hours watching every juggling video we’ve ever made and squished the highlights into this 16-minute club passing juggling montage.

I know 16 minutes is a big commitment in Internet Time, but this is the BEST club passing juggling by two people who, if I may be so bold, are recognized as among the top club passers in the world. If any juggler wants to comment below to support or debunk that statement, you’re very welcome. I look forward to either strongly agreeing with you or telling you to get off my lawn.

So, here is “Ducking and Covering for 25 Years.” Our best tricks, our funniest drops, some amazing recoveries, and a bunch of live clips from festival and competition performances.