Man takes nap during flight, wakes up in dark, empty, locked airplane

sleepingonplaneGreat to know that yet another formerly irrational travel nightmare is actually possible.

During his journey from Louisiana to California via Houston, Tom Wagner, apparently one of the world’s soundest sleepers, decided to rest his eyes for a bit only to wake some time later in an abandoned United Express plane at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The wacky details of how all the passengers and crew overlooked a conspicuously large and unconscious human being while exiting and locking up the plane before rushing off to happy hour has yet to be revealed.

Once Tom was able to piece together where he was and what had happened, he called his girlfriend, naturally, and about 30 minutes later airline crew arrived and released him.

Turns out, this is the second recent occurrence of United Express locking someone inside a plane. In 2010, Ginger McGuire woke inside a darkened plane three hours after her flight landed in Philadelphia.

Though this story ended in relatively anticlimactic fashion, more unsettling questions are now being rightly thrown around about the same circumstances had Tom been experiencing a medical emergency or if Tom were instead a bag loaded with an incendiary device.

[Photo by BVStarr]