Survey confirms theory that we’re surrounded by dumb tourists

dumb tourist

You’ve no doubt been witness to Idiots That Travel (ITT). The rudeness, unreasonableness, and ignorance displayed by these dumb tourists forces one to wonder if these people don’t return from vacations with raw noses from the epic flicking done by all the locals and fellow travelers they encounter.

Well, it turns out these people are dumb tourists before they even leave home! A survey done by World Travel Market of 1,001 travelers in the UK shows that the most popular travel planning resources are the dipshit user review sites like Tripadvisor.

A frightening 27 percent of ITTs rate Tripadvisor as their “most trusted resource.” Never mind the storied problems of these sites being beset by fake reviews, the genuine reviews aren’t much better, what with so many of them having seemingly been written by the caliber of people that haven’t completely mastered breathing with their mouths closed.

Furthermore, 18 percent of ITTs plan travel using personal recommendations (aka other idiots). A mere 14 percent use guidebooks and another 14 percent go to the actual tourist board websites, which, admittedly, were uniformly awful for years, but seem to be improving.