Visit Jordan: ‘Our king may help push your car out of a snow bank!’ [VIDEO]

Those of you who do not eat, drink and breathe travel may have missed the period a while back when Visit Jordan flew in something like 1,274,925 travel bloggers in a year for press trips, which resulted in a deluge of coverage so suffocating that many of us won’t click on another Jordan story for years.

But I couldn’t resist posting this cellphone video of Jordan’s King Abdullah II, apparently the Cory Booker of the Middle East, who jumped out of his SUV to help push a stuck car out of the snow in the capital city of Amman. That’s him in the red/white checked headdress.

Jordan, like many Middle Eastern countries, got socked by snowstorm Alexa, which deposited snow in unlikely places like Egypt which allegedly hadn’t seen snowfall in 112 years.

Like his father before him, King Abdullah has a history of mingling with his subjects including the always crowd pleasing donning of disguises to get un-sugarcoated information and feedback from his people.