Jet Capsule mini-yacht is the deluxe campervan of the sea

jet capsuleIt’s difficult to not to geek out over the Jet Capsule mini-yacht. It’s just so quintessentially European. Modest and affordable, while being comfortable and attractive. I mean look at it! It looks like a frickin’ Star Trek shuttle craft!

Made in Italy, the Jet Capsule measures 23 feet long, 13 feet wide and can be outfitted with a compact kitchen, bathroom (where?), and a dining area that transforms into sleeping bunks which will accommodate a few (very close) passengers.

Dig it.

jet capsule cockpit

Warp 57, Mr. Sulu.

jet capsule exteriorJet Capsule interiorAssuming that on board bathroom feature isn’t a myth, the Jet Capsule seems readymade for semi-budget travel overnight water excursions and anyone with half a brain and some seed cash had better get going with rental schemes on choice European lakes ASAP.

Here’s a video the company produced. It’s a little on the dramatic side.



As you can see, the video is long on dramatic shots proving the Jet Capsule moves through water (a good sign) and that one can enjoy prodigious amounts of Champaign on board. They can even, gasp, use it at night!

That’s all great, but I would have liked to see more interior footage (WHERE IS THE TOILET??) showing the kitchen, the sleeping configuration and, presumably, how you can seal that doorway shut in case there’s a downpour and you don’t want the laptop you brought along, on a tiny boat in open water, to get wet.

This seems like the water version of van life, though something tells me your mobility would be supremely limited when not in calm waters. Or perhaps it bobs around helplessly, but safely, like a cork in rough waters? So many questions!

If anyone has any experience with one of these things, owner passenger, day-tripper, it doesn’t matter, please leave a comment below with some answers.