Derpy, inaccessible lights at Heathrow to be replaced by tightrope walkers


Did you know that seemingly smart people can be idiots too? Big time. Like extravagant, breathtaking, galloping idiots.

Exhibit A: The derp crew of architects in charge of designing Heathrow Airport’s fancy new Terminal Five were so focused on making their gigantic, light-festooned space that no one stopped for a second to think about how they were going to reach those lights hanging 120 feet off the ground after all the scaffolding came down. These lights are so effing precarious that even high level cherry pickers can’t safely reach them. After five years without maintenance, some 60% of the bulbs are burnt out.

Well, someone started thinking WAY out of the box, presumably the morning after attending the circus, and hatched a solution involving a team of “Cirque du Soleil-style” high-wire artists. Idiotic or totally badass? you be the judge.

Replacing the 120,000 light bulbs will take about four months. No word on if the Strong Man and the Bearded Lady will be assisting.