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Adventures in press trips: German RV travel and wine tasting combo

Sixteen ill-equipped travel journalists drive nine, massive campervans in a convoy of RV travel around southern Germany. Travel journalists are frequently called upon to partake in new and strange activities while on press trips – and sometimes, when temporary insanity strikes, while on vacation. In more than a decade of…

Van life – My agonizingly researched dream van layout

Because I am a very busy person, drowning in social engagement invitations, I have watched literally hundreds of van life videos over the past six months. Many of these videos are walk-throughs of conversion/camper vans, and utilizing this not quite but kinda first-person experience, I believe I have pieced together…

How does living in a van work? Showering, pooping, interneting, etc

Living in a van

Based on the befuddled feedback and the “R U OK?” messages I’ve been getting from friends and family since I announced my intention to transition to living in a van, it seems that a “How does living in a van work?” post is in order. (I’ll save the question of…

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