Run!! We may be facing a global wine shortage

Wine drinking

The author and accomplices conducting “research”

Oh God. Not this. Not my wine. Anything but that.

Hot on the heels of the news that a possible chocolate scarcity could affect the planet as early as 2017, the suicidal news that the world is facing a potential wine shortage is forcing certain travel writers to change their whole outlook on life, adjust career priorities and reconsider their aversion to day drinking. Like in the next 20 minutes.

The combination of increased global consumption and a decline in production due to poor weather is going to put us on the brink if something doesn’t change soon. Like everyone switching to beer! Everyone loves beer, right? Not like gross, fancy-pants wine. A frosty, refreshing beer would really hit the spot right now, wouldn’t it everyone in the world but me? That’s right, drink the beer. Drink, my pretties.


How much do you want a beer right now?