Who knew I was so blissful?

geographyofbliss.jpgI’ve just finished reading and reviewing a new travel book for Gadling by first time author Eric Weiner called “The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World” (see the review here).

Great read, but more importantly, it made me reflect on my own Bliss Factor which clocked in unexpectedly high. I know that sounds improbable coming from a guy who’s blog posts in the past month have focused mainly on places that he hates and how pissed off he is, but there you have it.

I’m like an enigma wrapped inside an onion, baked inside a five-tiered wedding cake. Peel away all the layers and you still have no f*cking clue what going on.

So, why am I happy? Well, for starters I have the fourth greatest job in the history of the universe (for the record, it goes: 1. rock star, 2. movie star, 3. Playboy Playmate talent scout, 4. adorable travel writer), I’ve had the best year of my freelancing career, I’ve just moved back to my beloved Minneapolis, I got my mojo workin’ and as you read this I am very likely soaking in a Jacuzzi on an adventure cruise ship, meandering up and down Chile’s Patagonia coast, having just returned from a helicopter day trip to a prime fly fishing locale, drinking a variety of Chilean wine and eating three gourmet meals a day, prepared exhibition style so I can take mental notes on cooking tips. In a couple days I’ll be checking into the Ritz Carlton in downtown Santiago (where it’s in the low 80s, in case those of you in MN were wondering) for three punishing nights of discovering the city’s food and drink offerings.

Can you blame me?

I could get bent out of shape about Minnesota’s worsening weather or the lack of confirmed work after I return from Chile (hint, hint editors) or that I’m still earning an average of $2.78 per hour or that I somehow gained three pounds last week (stupid Thanksgiving), but I’ve decided to zen past all of that for now. It’s how Buddha would have wanted it.

So, to sum up:

• Very happy
• Being lavishly pampered at the moment
• Cue spate of jealousy-fueled messages in comments section
• Need work starting in January ’08, preferably in traveling writing, but I wouldn’t mind moonlighting in rock starring, movie starring and/or Playboy Playmate scouting
F*cking Italy!!

Through the magic of delayed posting, I’m actually writing this last Thursday and I really should be packing, so I’ll conclude the bragging for now and resume trying to remember where I put my inflatable, shoehorn airplane neck pillow.

By the way, Gadling is giving away five copies of “The Geography of Bliss”. Leave a comment here for your chance to win.