What’s With Ye Olde English?

Some of you may have noticed that my spelling (and when I remember, my vocab) is not in God Blessed American English, but the Queen’s English.  This is not because I have privately decided to affect an English writing style (and accent, a la Madonna).  Indeed, I am under contract to write this way for LP, as are all authors for European countries.  Accordingly, I have switched my MS Word language setting to “U.K. English” and for the purposes of practise and continuity, I am trying to stay in character, as it were, in this blog.  Rest assured I am not one of those people that spends a few weeks in a foreign country and comes home talking like a native. I cling to my Minnesota accent with all due pride and don’t care what people think (except during this passing moment of self-awareness).

Mock me if you must, but I live and breathe the job people.  It’s dedication like this that will have my bringing in a whooping five-figure freelance writing income some day, living in a studio apartment in Romania to make ends meet.