Airline’s amazing stunt delivers holiday cheer to one lucky flight

The first of no doubt many holiday corporate stunt viral videos has dropped and it’s going to be tough to beat.

Big time one-upping their flash mob stunt from last year, WestJet channeled the gift-delivering power of Santa to pull off a complex, military precision feat that’s sure to make all the other airlines grinchy.

The stunt, which they started planning in August, starts with passengers in Toronto getting a visit from a virtual Santa, duly submitting their holiday gift wishes, then boarding their flight to Calgary. While in the air, we see 150 WestJetter “elves” explode into organized, shopping chaos, picking up the requested items, ranging from a warm scarf to a 50″ TV. You can probably guess how it all ends.

Footage of the guy that asked for the warm scarf quietly cursing himself was left out of the video.