Canned wine: welcome innovation or destroyer of a sacred ritual?

I’m not sure what to think of this. On one hand, I appreciate the impulse to make wine more easily transportable and improve delivery efficiency (into my belly), but on the other hand will this sully the noble ritual of pouring wine into my face?

Union Wine Company out of Oregon at least has good intentions. Packaging wine in cans will save on production costs, presumably allowing them to pass the savings on to us, and use less material which is good for everyone.

Each can of wine will hold about 8 ounces, which someone seems to think is about two servings (in whose world?). And, admittedly, cans of wine look less conspicuous than bottles of wine for situations where perhaps drinking wine isn’t 100% socially acceptable/allowed/legal.

So, much to digest, which of course pairs well with a malbec this time of year.