Topless living statue is wildly successful because no doy

topless livingstatue SFW

[NSFW pictures below!]

As any traveler will tell you, living statues are commonplace around the world. A few of these are outstanding. Most are forgettable.

Living statues in Rome


I’d become immune to this gimmick ages ago. But then I stumbled on this gutsy woman in Bogotá, Colombia. It took a minute, and about a block of walking, before I’d absorbed what I’d just seen. Was that a topless woman on the street, smack in the middle of Bogotá? I turned back, naturally.

Topless living statueTopless living statue 2

What struck me was not only that this woman was topless in the middle of one of South America’s largest cities, and making more money during my 10 minutes of observation than any three living statues I’d ever seen combined, but apart from gawking, no one was even slightly fazed.

In the US, parents would likely slap a hand over their children’s eyes and rush them away. Here, parents were encouraging their children to walk up to give the nice topless lady some coins. (Yes, I gave her money too.)

No joke:

Topless living statue 3

[All photos and video ©Leif Pettersen]

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