Tomorrow – Guest blogger Paul Kilduff

ruinairfrontcover.jpgMy 12-odd regular readers may have taken note that I never have guest bloggers here at KB. If you’ve assumed that this is because I’m not very good at sharing, you hit it right on the button. I drink wine alone with the lights out and the shades drawn for the exact same reason. Effing freeloaders, try to get my wine… I’ll fix your wagons.

I mean, let’s say I let someone post here… What are the chances they’re gonna write at great length about the exquisite contours of my bootie or further my epic struggle to get a reality TV show (about my bootie)? Slim, obviously, despite the limitless range of the subject matter.

However, I have decided to make an exception tomorrow for two reasons.

1. I’m probably fall-down exhausted (I’m actually writing this post two weeks ago and post-dating the live-date, so I can’t say for sure what my condition will be, but from prior LP Romania road research experience, it’s a safe bet I’ll be a basket case by this stage)
2. The guest blogger, Paul Kilduff, will be discussing one of my favorite topics on Earth: why “discount airline” Ryanair sucks so goddamn much ass

Paul’s doing a virtual book tour, supporting his latest effort Ruinair. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m holding a crisp new copy of it right now and I intend to devour it during my flights tomorrow, laughing, squirming and commiserating with Paul’s wretched self-inflicted quest to fly Ryanair to 15 different countries for the sake of, well, apparently baffling self-flagellation.

Here’s a snippet from the promo material:

Stung by a ten hour delay and a E300 fare to Spain on his native “low-fares” airline, Dubliner Paul Kilduff plots revenge – to fly to every country in Europe for the same total outlay, suffering every low-fares airline indignity. Armed with no more than 10kg of carry-on baggage, he endures 6.00am departures, Six Nations-style boarding scrums, lengthy bus excursions, terminal anxiety and cabin crew who deliver famed customer service.

It’s funny cause it’s true.

And a passing note to Paul’s P.R. people: you guys wanna sell a squillion of these books? Set up a book stand in the ‘arrivals’ hall of every airport RyanAir flies to. You’ll sell one book for every passenger, guaranteed.

Welcome Paul!