The heat is on – way on

The summer cook off calibre heat has finally reached Iasi.  Who wants some well-done travel writer?  White meat?  I’m Norwegian, that’s all I got.  The breasts are OK, but if you want a real treat go for the rump.

We’ve had a full week of this heat now.  My old Spanish schedule is engaging.  It’s too hot to go to sleep before 1:00 or 2:00am.  I wake up in a sweat at 10:00am and get in all the frantic work I can before lunch.  I stuff myself silly with Chinese food and take a nap (if the jackhammers and car alarms will allow).  Start work again at about 5:00pm and keep going until 11:00pm, with a pizza break at 9:00ish.

Even at 10:00am, the intense effort of editing has me sweating like defrosting sherbet.  I sit here all day in my tasteful boxers, windows wide open.  The at-home mom in the building across from mine has never been happier (and who wouldn’t be?).  I’m in an efficiency apartment with windows facing east, so the beating sun warms up my little box first thing.  I’m out of direct sunlight by 11:00, but the circulation in here sucks, so the cool down is negligible.  Indeed, the hallway is much cooler (no windows) and I’d sit out there and work if the Internet cable were long enough.

Once an hour or so I get up to air my bum and, if it’s particularly bad, duck my head under the shower for a minute.  Welcome to the sexy life of a struggling freelance writer in Europe folks!

The best part of my days are my walks through the city’s pedestrian areas.  Romanian women are constantly testing the lower limits of near-nudity on the street.  Braless and threadbare tops are common and the latest thing seems to be virtually see-through white pants with a contrasting dark coloured thong underneath.  However, the heat has inspired even more pronounced and daring wardrobe-waiting-to-malfunction selections.  Recently when my server at the bar was sporting one of her near-ass baring skirts, she bent over a table every so slightly to gather some glasses and, yup, no underwear.  She repeated the manoeuvre a few minutes later at a different table and the girls at the table next to mine took pictures with their mobile phones.  I never have my camera when I really need it.