Pissed off, venomous snake on a moving car – aka just another day in Australia

Fair warning: Because this is Australia and because there’s an angry, venomous snake involved, a fair bit of NSFW language slips out in this video.

I assume there are other countries where nightmare-bait situations frequently occur, like a dangerous snake appearing out of nowhere on a moving car, but I think we can all agree that Australia is global leader in such affairs.

Maybe because of this, my experience has been that Australians are usually nonchalant about being constantly surrounded by stuff that can kill them, but not these guys. Perhaps they’ve been away for a while.

Whatever the case, our heroes don’t even try to hold back their terror while they cope with dislodging the highly venomous (though not deadly) Red-Bellied Black snake from their windshield. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t go well. A few swipes with the windshield wiper doesn’t work, nor does sudden acceleration.

Part 2 of the video, where the now very pissed off snake appears to be trying to find a way into the car to bite the faces off these guys is genuinely terrifying. But really, wouldn’t you do the same thing if you were the snake?