Passenger calmly makes plane crash video while on the crashing plane

plane crash video

You probably don’t wanna watch this if you even have a tiny fear of flying. BUT! In the plane crash video realm, this one is fairly tame.

Also, repeated after me: “Air travel is the safest form of travel” 1,000 times. We good? OK.

Ferdinand Puentes happened to have his GoPro out, videoing his small plane’s Honolulu flight take-off, so the camera was handy when the engine failed two minutes into the flight and his plane take-off video quickly transformed into a plane crash video.

Fortunately, this happened in Hawaii and there was plenty of water to crash/splash down into.

What’s even more amazing than this first person video of a water landing is that all the passengers are so incredibly calm. Not even one little yelp during impact. I would have yelled, freaked out and emptied my bladder simultaneously.

[Side note: Someone may want to acquaint ABC’s Robin Roberts with the exact definition of the word “spiraling.”]

Of the nine passengers, there was only one fatality: Loretta Fuddy, Hawaii’s Health Director, who escaped the crash, but didn’t survive the ordeal in the water while waiting for help, which arrived about 1.5 hours later.