This partitioned compression clothes bag is a game-changing packing hack


People that know me well know that I have a completely normal, sensible passion for cleanliness and hygiene. Suffice to say, the Outlier Doublebag was invented for people like me – meaning normal, sensible people.

In short, this genius invention not only compresses clothes so you can cram even more stuff into your tiny, normal, sensible carry-on bag, but it also has openings on both sides with an internal double-walled design that separates the clean clothes from the dirty clothes.

As you wear and funk up your clothes during your trip, the internal wall moves as the dirty clothes side fills up and the clean clothes side empties. Admittedly, the $48 price is a little daunting, but just look at that gorgeous, normal, sensible packing solution!

Pardon me, I think I have something in my eye.