On the Road Again

I’m hitting the road tomorrow at 6:00am, heading for the southeast portion of Romania, which includes the Danube Delta region and the cities along the Black Sea. I’ve been to one of the cities before, Constanta.  It’s the gateway city to the Black Sea beaches.  Unfortunately, this isn’t much to my advantage.  I was there last August and I was more than a little preoccupied by the largest concentration of gorgeous, topless women that I’ve ever witnessed, including my all-time best dreams and the collected efforts of the Girls Gone Wild Corporation. Sadly, now it’s March and I’ll be lucky if I see wrist.

This is going to be quick and easy. Being off-season means I’ll have the run of the place.  Unfortunately, it also probably means that a lot of the hotels, resorts and water-sport centres will be boarded up and abandoned.  However, I’ve got appointments at two travel agencies that are renowned for their love of helping tourists and I am confident that they’ll be able to fill any information gaps that I run across.

Meanwhile, I’ve adjusted and honed my information gathering techniques, relying less on full notes, slowly and laboriously tapped into my Palm Pilot, and leaning more on taking notes via digital photos and oral recordings on my MP3 player.  That’s right ladies, I’m all geek, all the time.  Send a self-addressed stamped envelop for an autographed photo of me wearing nothing but my nerd devices.  Did I mention that my Palm Pilot is ten inches long?  But I digress…

I’ll still type in practicalities information directly into the Palm (where MS Word for Palm allows me to edit directly onto the final document, saving me loads of tedious write-up time later), but aside from that, the clumsy time it takes to navigate those huge documents on that tiny screen and all the typos from using their ill-designed keyboard and script input makes lengthy note-taking an ordeal that I’m trying to avoid.

I plan to be out for four nights.  Then back here for a week, then off to meet Robert in Bucharest and start my long-haul trip in the south, west and north.